The Powerbang Gaming channel has been extremely fortunate to have many generous supporters over the past year. I’m proud to be able to offer ANYONE who supports the channel with as little as $2 per month an opportunity to receive exclusive VIP perks and rewards. This reward system is made possible by Patreon. Check out the video below, and when you’re done, you can find more information about my VIP program at

Examples of Rewards Offered:

  • 24/7 Text & Voice Server access to Powerbang
  • Anti-3 Star base designs for TH8 thru TH11 multiple times per month
  • Clan spotlight featuring YOUR clan on YouTube (watch what this does to your recruiting!)
  • Powerbang will visit your clan to hang out for 30-45 mins, and provide any advice or training you’d like
  • Monthly hangout for patrons – interact live, and get your questions answered
  • T-shirt of your choice
  • Weekly consultations to ensure you’re armed with the latest and greatest information and strategy
  • And much more – watch the video & visit the Patreon page for more information!